Leaving everyday life
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Leaving everyday life

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So such concerts that bring good atmosphere from the outset. And not because of the extremely high quality or difficulty of the program and for the joy of music-making. Orchestras in the country have forgotten that come together to make art and create holidays for its audience. And that being a musician is a privilege – if only because you have another source of happiness.
Tonight hall was pleasantly full. Obviously for people who like to go to concerts (not those who like to “show” at concerts), the price matters. Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra “released” tickets for June on lower prices and perhaps this is one of the reasons for the good presence. Can reasons to hide and the young pianist Bogdan Ivanov, and the Egyptian conductor Hisham Gabra, and the program – people continue to enjoy listening to piano concertos of Mozart, despite the aspirations of the soloists to play “bigger” and difficult works in this area.
So – conductor who does not want to impose and to maximize “feedback” from the orchestra pianist who does not seek to shine at any cost; spirited, thoroughly joyous performance of Mendelssohn Italian Symphony – that will remain in my mind as a memory of this concert. And one so sought at times, a sense of escape from everyday life. To be honest – unexpectedly.
This does not mean that everything was perfect – no, but the faces of the orchestra, positivism, which hung in the air, “covered” at least for tonight, what should be doizraboti, doizchisti, doshlifova.
The concert of Mozart (№ 13, C major) is not easiest of interpretational point of view, the first part is wider, and the third – not so much bravura (as expected from the final part), but Bogdan Ivanov handle more than well. Literate, intelligent pianist with a wide palette of shades of sound, serious and thoughtful – this seriousness in another Mozart concert probably would have been excessive, but here “matched” well. The second part, seemingly unassuming but with a seemingly endless internal movement and development, which remains however within a small space in which the soloist to create a “great world.” Here the soloist little “gotten lost” internal logic, but briefly. Overall, the impression of it is as interesting pianist with good potential and respect for the music – and this is not little.
The conductor Hisham gabbro from Egypt was well received – and the orchestra and the audience. Elegant presence, lack of mannerism, respect (it turns out one of the key words for this concert) to the orchestra (he himself was flautist 18 years before stand console), good knowledge of the works wonderfully cope with accompaniment at concert Mozart and managed to get everyone to give his momentary maximum at the Italian symphony of Mendelssohn. When you come from a country that does not have those traditions that boasts western Europe, probably the approach to the music freshness and feeling of meeting with great work. There was boldness in pace and a good sense of construction, and strive to highlight the details. It is in the symphony of Mendelssohn festival get the greatest degree. As for the final straight of one so hard for Sofia Philharmonic season – and a number of concerts and changed, and internal currents and controversy – this concert proved to be a good fit.
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